Books Have Arrived!

Hello my lovely, clever readers. Look what arrived on my doorstep today. Books! Brand-spanking new copies of Ghost of Doors. I was amazed at the quality of the books and wanted to share with you how good they look. Pictures follow (click for larger images):

Ghost of DoorsGhost of Doors paperback

Feel that upholstery! But seriously, the covers are a high-quality glossy image, the interior images and text are crisp and the font is very pleasant to read. I am very happy with them. Now, as you know, they normally sell for $9.99 $6.99, and of course, most of that money goes to production costs. But trust me, if you like to hold a printed copy of a book in your hands, you couldn’t do much better than these for the price. And for anyone who would like to buy a signed copy, I have a special deal for you. I am selling signed copies of my book directly from me in Berlin, Germany to anywhere in the world for just $15. That includes my author’s signature and a personalized message of your choice (like Happy birthday, Sadie. or Mom said you can read after you clean your room. Even a short love poem will work. Just nothing dirty, please!) written in indelible ink, shipping to anywhere in the world, and my most sincere gratitude for helping out a new indie writer and publisher! If you would like to buy autographed copies, contact me by email at “contact at” or through the contact form. Payment will be through Paypal (Paypal accepts credit cards without signing up if you don’t want a Paypal account).

Now, some of you out there are going, “Jennifer, that’s nice and all, and I really want to support you somehow, but I like a bargain. I’ll just have to wait until you make some kind of a special sale, because that is too rich for my blood.” I feel you. I do. You might want to sign up for my mailing list. It’s what I use to send people advance notice of upcoming special bargains and sales that I want to offer my readers. It only goes out 4 to 5 times a year, so don’t worry about spam. And I would never sell it. The newsletter is just between us. I mean it.

If you don’t want to do any of those things but still want to support what I do, friend me on Facebook, like my Ghost of Doors Page, or follow me on Twitter. Your positive comments really mean a lot to me.

Well, I think that covers everything. Have a great week! I’ll be working hard on Wolf of Doors just for you.

All the Best,

Jennifer Paetsch