Ahoy! Monster Ahead On Sale Now

book coverAn adventure book for young readers, Ahoy! Monster Ahead is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Some call Archie Starmageddon‘s grandmother a witch, but that suits her just fine–it keeps the dangerous pirates away from her small farm in the swamp. But when young Archie rescues a baby monster, she insists he return it to its mother, and thus begins an adventure that ends with Archie and his charge the only ones who can stop their modest kingdom from becoming the first to fall before the new pirate empire.

This is a chapter book adventure for children ages 8-12. If your preteen reader likes monsters, pirates, and fantasy worlds, then he or she will enjoy this read. At around 22,000 words, it is long enough to tell an exciting story but short enough that they will get to the end and feel successful. Encourage the youngsters in your household to read. Encourage them to share the book when they are finished, as there is no DRM in Jennifer Paetsch eBooks. Peace will reign as one copy can be shared with every child in your home. You will be a hero!

Learn more about this eBook or buy it now on Amazon by clicking here.

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