Oracle and Obelisk – A Dark Horse Novelette

My apologies for the long hiatus. I’m finally getting over my long adventure with illness and I can finally get back on track. I want to thank everyone who reads this forOracle and Obelisk Cover being patient and understanding. Hopefully this year I can make up for the last one in, well, just about every way, but let’s not hope for too much. One of the drawbacks of doing everything yourself is that when you can’t do something it simply doesn’t get done. No matter how many things get written on napkins they never make it to the Internet without someone to do it and that’s just the way it is.

So, let’s see–what has been working it’s way out of my head and into the digital universe? A new sword and sorcery series called Dark Horse–sorry Ms. Perry but I have been working on this awhile before your song came out and I guess we’ll just have to live with each other, won’t we? So, the series is called Dark Horse, and the first part is called Oracle and Obelisk. It’s available on Amazon at and Smashwords at . You know, I can’t say the word Smashwords in real life. It comes out like Shmashwords. What’s up with that? Now, if you want to get the first novelette for free, you can use code EH94X at Smashwords and they will comp it for you. Enjoy!