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Try My Block Breaker Game

Block breaker is my next completed game project to help me learn C#. It’s pretty simple, but it’s got 3 levels, 4 kinds of bricks,Β  and my own artwork, plus music by Zoolon Audio! Wow! Thank you George for letting me use your awesome music and samples for this project.

You can get it (to play on Windows) as part of my retro game pack that you can download from Google Drive by clicking here.

Please check it out and tell me what you think! Also let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks!

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    Jennifer has kindly used the music from one of my Zoolon Audio sample packs for her new game. Basically, the sample packs are designed for musician’s to manipulate in order create new music. Being clever, Jennifer has used this piece as a backdrop to the game. I’d like to wish her every success as her gaming project evolves.

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