Planet Party

Planet Party Match 3 Game

I’ve been improving my Unity and C# skills with this tutorial game I learned from and then modified. I made all the assets and effects (animation and particles) and scripted a few new features, including a fade-in, fade-out transition for each level, and sound effects.

You can get it (to play on Windows) by downloading it from Google Drive by clicking here.

Check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Planet Party Match 3 Game

  1. Hi Jennifer! Wow, I’ve missed you. How have you been? I was thinking about you yesterday and “POOF” here you are. I’ll be sure to test my wit and fine motor skills with your game. Any chance Zella might pop out unexpectedly if I hit the right buttons?

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      1. This calls for a loud and thunderous wooo hoooo! I found out the game isn’t for mobile devices yet, so gotta find where I left my ancient laptop device and then it’s time to look for the Easter eggs in the game 😁


  2. Hey there Jennifer. Nice to see you here again. I had a go. I’m not very good at playing games, but the graphics are really nice and I like how it looks. It’s very cool.

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