About Me

bier_meileHi and welcome to my home on the Internet! My name is Jennifer Paetsch and I’m a technical artist. I make rigs for models in Autodesk Maya. Please visit my online portfolio if you would like to see examples of my work. I am also a freelance cartoonist and illustrator, and you can view that portfolio here.

Like a lot of people, I have been writing and drawing since I was a kid. But I didn’t share my work with others until much later in life.

I enjoy reading and the Internet, watching documentaries, playing video games like Pokemon and Animal Crossing, and traveling. I’m Taoist and I like Tarot and IChing. I also use Tarot cards and I find them very inspiring! I almost never watch TV.

jenpaetsch_scotlandI like traveling a whole lot and I’ve been to many places and seen many things! But there’s still a whole lot I haven’t seen. I’ve been to Europe and South America but I still have a lot of world to cover. My last big trip was to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in March 2017. Sometimes I share photos on Flickr when I am traveling. Follow me there! I try to clear out my phone by putting my travel photos there. I also share photos of great food I’ve eaten or made. And anything I find interesting or beautiful. I’ve got lots of Christmas photos to share, for example!

siegfriedI have a cute little dog named Siegfried. He’s a little trouble maker but also a good friend. He helps me to catch pokemon (and looks a lot like one, too!). I also have a handsome cat who is great at catching bugs. Sometimes I post about them or post photos of them, but not very often. They are good boys, though!

Well, I guess that’s all about me for now. Check out my blog or Twitter or Instagram to see what I’ve been doing lately!